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SOCW 6070
Nov 19, 2023
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Stakeholder refers to individuals and organizations actively involved in the group or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected due to plan execution or successful development completion. Smith, L. W. (2000). As a stakeholder, I appreciate the clarity of your measurement criteria and how they directly relate to the program's objectives. However, I'd like to know if there is a plan to gather qualitative data to understand the employees' experiences and how the training has impacted their daily work. It could provide valuable insights into areas for improvement. From the stakeholder perspective, I would like to ask about the specific timeframe for data collection and when the results will be available for analysis.? Your research design and measurement criteria also seem solid. As a parent, I appreciate the clarity of your approach. Using surveys, teacher evaluations, and student performance data should provide a well-rounded view of the program's effectiveness. Furthermore, incorporating a control group for comparison is wise, as it will help isolate the program's true impact. Using qualitative interviews and surveys to collect data is appropriate to assess these outcomes. Qualitative data collection methods such as interviews allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the subjective experiences of foster families and provide insights into their unique contexts and cultures (Dudley, 2020). Surveys allow those who may not be comfortable speaking out loud to share their thoughts and experiences, as they can be anonymous and completed on paper or electronically. As an interested stakeholder, I would like to ask about the plan for analyzing and interpreting the data collected. Secondly, what is the purpose of the evaluation from the perspective of the foster care system? References Dudley, J. R. (2020). Social work evaluation: Enhancing what we do (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press. Smith, L. W. (2000). Stakeholder analysis: a pivotal practice of successful projects. Paper presented at Project Management Institute Annual Seminars & Symposium, Houston, TX. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute
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