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Globalization 2 Globalization to Canada Global expansion can be challenging, yet it may also result in new opportunities and additional profits. The recommendation to expand should be thoroughly considered and determined by various factors. One important consideration is whether the target market demands the company's product or service. In this case, Ferrer Furniture could undertake a market analysis to determine whether its products are in demand in Canada. They must also ascertain their competitors' capacity for competing in the Canadian market (Lasserre, 2022). This involves evaluating the company's resources, brand recognition, and capacity for accommodating new market demands. Looking forward to exploring global markets is a viable means of boosting revenues and mitigating risks. Tariffs, shipping, and advertising are all costs that Ferrer Furniture could take into account when trying out a new market from the United States. They must assess their financial resources to see if they have enough capital to support global operations (Lasserre, 2022). Ferrer Furniture might have to focus on finding outside financial support or investors to ensure its continued success. It is also critical to consider the target market's legal and regulatory requirements (Lasserre, 2022). Ferrer Furniture should learn about the laws and regulations that apply to foreign businesses in Canada, like taxation and labor laws. They must also suggest how cultural differences affect their operations and consumer relationships. Ferrer Furniture must consider the expenses of entering a new market, including tariffs, shipping, and advertising. They could assess their financial resources and determine whether they have enough capital to support international expansion (Lasserre, 2022). Ferrer Furniture could be forced to pursue outside funding or investors to endorse their development. It is also essential to consider the target market's specifications. Ferrer Furniture must research policies
Globalization 3 that govern foreign businesses in Canada, such as taxation and labor laws. They should also consider the impact of cultural differences on their operations and consumer relations.
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