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Nov 19, 2023
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1 Social and Ethical Issues. Question 1. The social and ethical environment in business today has become more advanced, allowing for easy identification of social and ethical issues a business may face. The leader of companies such as Starbucks, Uber, And Amazon face different ethical and social issues such as discrimination, data privacy, and environmental protection ( Rothaermel, 2020) . These issues impact the company's brand and thus must be solved by the leader to ensure successful business within an industry. The selected company is Amazon. Amazon operates in several industries, including retail, Information technology, and entertainment. According to Research by Aguinis et al. (2020), Amazon faces numerous ethical issues which affect the company's credibility. The employees of Amazon during the covid-19 pandemic were required to work in an environment that threatened their health safety which is not socially ethical practice for a leader. The company faces the issue of discrimination against women and people of color within the company. This is evidenced through the various actions by the leaders, where some people are fired without course, which creates a hostile environment for employees. Strategic leadership can be used to solve the issues affecting Amazon by first using the aspect of feedback to identify the source of social and ethical issues within the company. The second strategy will be increasing minority leaders, such as women and people of color, which will help reduce workplace discrimination (Goyal et al., 2023). As more representation is done for the minority, people will feel free to report any unethical issues and gain confidence with time to fight discrimination as a company.
2 Question II. The situation that frustrates me is the complaints about equality in leadership in most organizations. Most organizations have the majority of the leaders who are men. Despite this, women prefer male leaders in their workplace as opposed to women leaders. Research shows that this is because most female leaders cannot secure enough resources in time, make hard decisions, or remake impartial decision-making ( Zhang et al., 2022) . Taking a step back, I reflect on my organization when there was an urgent need to replace the technical manager of the company after the resignation of the individual holding the office. Rather than taking the supervisor in the area who was in the department and had a good understanding of the activities within the department, the department, which has an equal number of men and women, refused to give the proposal. In this case, the option that can be developed to address the situation is to give the female leader the role under acting capacity to test her ability to balance her roles and then later assign her the job. This should be supported by all gender regardless of the perceptions in place.
3 References Aguinis, H., Villamor, I., & Gabriel, K. P. (2020). Understanding employee responses to COVID-19: a behavioral corporate social responsibility perspective. Management Research: Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management , 18 (4), 421-438. Goyal, R., Kakabadse, N., Kakabadse, A., & Talbot, D. (2023). Female board directors' resilience against gender discrimination. Gender, Work & Organization , 30 (1), 197- 222. Rothaermel, F. (2020). Strategic Management: Concepts. Zhang, G., Jia, Z., & Yan, S. (2022). Does gender matter? The relationship comparison of strategic leadership on ambidextrous organizational behavior between male and female CEOs. Sustainability , 14 (14), 8559.
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