Hrm 782 assignment no.3

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HRM 831
Nov 19, 2023
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Hrm782 Assignment 3 wrote by Henry Ho student id:040385264 Submitted to: Prof. Irene Canivet 8/23/2023 content
first question 3 second question 4 third 5 reference ...........................................................................Page 6 1. Develop an interview plan: At a minimum, include the sequence of interview events. Remember an interview has a 'beginning', 'middle', and 'end/closure'. What will you say and do at each phase of the interview? Develop a set of six (6) competencies (hint: there are 3 levels, and you should have at least one for each); a Behaviour Descriptive Interview (BDI)
style question for each competency (with sample probes and elaborations for each question); and a Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) scoring/rating sheet for each question. A: Interview plan Beginning: The interview will be conducted by a single interviewer before the interview. The interview will take place in a private room or confrence room , and the candidate can either been given a printed questionnaire and a notebook to take notes in or just answer the question from employee. The interviewer will welcome the candidate in the reception area upon their arrival at the interview room. The candidate will be asked to identify themselves and explain the interview procedure. The interview will include the position, any benefits given, and the candidate's planned start date. Middle: At this stage of the interview process, each applicant will be asked a series of questions to verify that they possess the necessary skills to be a successful administrative assistant. You will have the chance to answer each question. Only if you provide sufficient information will a probe be required. A list of core competencies 1.Client Interaction question 1)BDI Question: 1. Describe a time when you assisted a client who was particularly difficult. Is there anyone else around to help? Can you think of anything else you could have done? How did things turn out? BARS Rating Scale I provided minimal to no assistance and did not engage with the client. (canadiate will recive 1 points for this answer by interviewer ) I listened to the client's concerns and tried my best to assist them by providing as many choices as feasible. (canadiate will recive 3 point for this answer by interviewer ) I confirmed the client's concerns and gave suitable and timely answers, ensuring the client's happiness and alerting my supervisor of the incident as soon as possible. (canadiate will recive 5 point for this answer by interviewer ) effort question 2).BDI Question Give an example of a period when you were part of a team and there was a disagreement. What actions did you take to fix the problem? What additional alternatives would you have considered? What was the outcome of the argument?
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