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Hello class! A challenge that a cybersecurity team might face when introducing technical problems and solutions to a non-technical audience, such as a board of directors, could be not communicating effectively to them in a language they understand. It may be easy to stray from commonly used terminology and begin to start speaking in "computer jargon", such as words "VPN", "nmap", "IDS/IPS systems". A suggestion I would first make is to build a foundation layer of baseline information so that the problem & solutions begin from the ground up. The first part of the presentation should focus on simple basic understanding of the system and the problem that is arising, and use terminologies that they can understand. I would suggest to compare it to something the board may know, dependent upon the background of the organization. Perhaps also leaving a static screen on a whiteboard that defines important terminologies associated with the presentation could put the audience at rest, and allow them to refer to these vocabulary pieces at any time. Secondly, the presentation should focus on the impact the system could face, not the actual process that it goes through. Avoiding the technical roadmap of the topic could be the key to success, instead, speak about the impacts the organization could face with changes, upgrades, problems, and solutions. This is a topic that the board of directors will be more invested in, especially since they can make decisions that can positively impact the process. Thirdly, I would recommend a lot of illustrations. Perhaps a presentation that can be aided with visual aid can also help non-technical people understand the presentation. These executives most likely look at charts and diagrams that pertain to their profession, and they can make vital business decisions even though they may not know every little detail of what they are seeing. Executives often make decisions that affect finances, and providing them with illustrations may also grab their attention. Reference:
Tips to Explain Technical things to Non-Technical Executives . (n.d.). Bitsight. things-simple-terms-non-technical-executives
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