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CAP 3032
Nov 18, 2023
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D. Recommendations - ✔✔ Recommendations An organization should consider which elements when selecting an assessment team? A. Expertise and cost B. Schedule and independence C. Schedule and cost D. Expertise and independence - ✔✔ Expertise and independence What is a consequence of an authorization boundary that is too expensive? A. Increase the number of systems to be managed B. The risk management is complex C. Inflates the total security costs for the organization D. The Configuration Management is uncontrollable - ✔✔ The risk management is complex Which of the following are acceptable assessment methods for a control assessment? A. Examine, interview, and test B. Research, test, and interview C. Interview, examine, and measure D. Research, test, and validate - ✔✔ Examine, interview, and test Which security control baseline does not require an independent assessment of security controls, as part of continuous monitoring? A. High B. Low C. Moderate D. Critical - ✔✔ Low
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