Human Resource ManagementAn ageing workforce and an ongoing wave o

Human Resource Management An ageing workforce and an ongoing wave of retirements pressured Kinetics Services (KS) to fill looming vacancies. KS is in the cleaning services industry. Management analysed the impact of buying talent vs grooming talent on revenue and profitability. In the final analysis, management felt revenue and profits would be sacrificed by external recruiting. The reason is that experienced candidates may demand high compensation. They thought it was better to enhance its performance management system and develop its talent. (a) Would you recommend KS to develop its talent? Justify your view by providing either internal recruitment OR external recruitment advantages. (b) Examine TWO (2) methods to determine the readiness of internal staff for promotion. (c) Besides grooming their talent, KS can hire contingent or temporary workers to supplement their permanent workforce. Discuss TWO (2) advantages and TWO (2) disadvantages of hiring temporary workers. Would you recommend that KS hire contingent / temporary workers? Provide your justification.
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