MGMT8300) (Week 2 Assignment)

Section: 12 Assignment: Week 2 Assignment podcast discussion
What I noticed Constant feedback by the project head or the management to keep a track of the co workers or the staff to track down their activeness and then taking the required steps to make them boost up their energy by doing certain kind of activities that could make their mind fresh enough to get back on track for better results. As Lilly Viggiano says that "we do lots of breakout rooms whenever possible as it is about pairing people up, so that people can cheer up to keep themselves energized and focused". (Understanding Projects, 2022, 19:12) Relation with course learning The constant feedback is important for the project manager to keep the track of the pace of the completion of the tasks assigned to the managers and also to keep analyzing the energy of the managers. As in the Textbook author quotes that "The Project Manager's function is to actively manage the project, ideally using sound project management principles". (Barrett 2021, p.10). It is very much important for the Project manager to come up with the relevant management principals or skills which are important to keep the co workers active and focused, without loosing any interest. My insights & conclusions According to my understanding I feel that the understanding of the current mind status or interest of the working professional and how active he/she is towards completion of the task, plays a vital role in developing the smooth working environment and creating a positive outcome of the project. So, in such case to maintain a healthy environment the project manager needs to be focused towards the understanding of the co workers by keeping the constant track and working according to the feedback. It will result out very positively in future as the staff members of the project will be satisfied with the job and perform tasks in a more positive manner, which will directly result into positive results of the Project. I have learnt this concept and will be definitely focusing on it once I start working as a professional in the project management field.
References: Understanding Projects. (2022). #30 -Building relationships for project success with Lily Viggiano. [Video]. YouTube. Barrett, D. C. (2021). Understanding Project Management - A Practical Guide (2nd ed.). Canadian Scholars' Press.
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