Human Resource ManagementThe hotel industry has been hit hard by t

Human Resource Management The hotel industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. In that time of crisis, recruitment is more challenging than ever as the pandemic has upended the traditional face-to- face recruitment processes. As Premier Hotel was scheduled to open in September 2021, the hotel management team decided to host a virtual mass recruitment day in July 2021 to recruit associates at all levels and across all departments since face-to-face interviews were prohibited under the social distancing restrictions. Premier tapped into digital tools to maintain an engaging and smooth recruitment process in this time of uncertainty and rapid change. They invited HR professionals from the hotel group to assist with the interview and selection process. a) Distinguish between recruitment and section. Discuss how recruitment contributes to the effectiveness of selection. b) Discuss ONE (1) challenge and ONE (1) benefit of virtual interviews. Besides digital tools, propose TWO (2) other ways Premier could have done the recruitment during the COVID period. c) Discuss TWO (2) challenges HR professionals may face in the selection process. Describe TWO (2) errors that might undermine the usefulness of interviews.
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