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Week 3 Discussion Week 3 Discussion This week we focus on the knowledge management cycle noted in Figure 5.3 in the Information Technology and Organizational Learning text. Note the various aspects of knowledge management, continuous innovation, and competitive advantage and how they integrate with one another. Note: The first post should be made by Wednesday 11:59 p.m., EST. I am looking for active engagement in the discussion. Please engage early and often. Your response should be 250-300 words. Respond to two postings provided by your classmates. Week 3 Assignment Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions: Chapter 5 - study questions 1-9, Exercise 1 Chapter 6 - study questions 1-10, Exercise 6, & 7 Information Technology and Organizational Learning Assignment: Chapter 4 - Review the section on Linear Development in Learning Approaches. Discuss how learning changes over time impact organizational culture. What is the impact of this cultural change on the success of IT projects? Chapter 5 - Review the Roles of Line Management and Social Network and Information Technology sections. Note the various roles in the organization and note the similarities and differences within each role. Also, note how innovation technology management shapes how we communicate amongst coworkers within an organization. The above submission should be two -pages in length (one page for each chapter) and adhere to APA formatting standards. **Remember the APA cover page and the references (if required) do not count towards the page length** Note the first assignment should be in one section and the second section should have the information from the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment. The paper requirements for the two-pages applies to the second part of the assignment directly related to the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment.
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