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CPHIMS 2023/24 Questions And Answers Rated A+ 24 8. Closeout What are 9 items usually on a Kickoff meeting agenda? >>ANSWER- 1. Project scope 2. Project management methodology 3. How the project will be managed 4. Change management process 5. How changes are requested, analyzed and approved 6. Identified risks and mitigation strategies 7. Introduction of the project team and their roles 8. High-level milestones and schedule 9. Communication plan Why is involving end users in the change process important? >>ANSWER- 1. Build ownership in the new system. 2. Facilitate acceptance of the changes. 3. Provide valuable feedback to the project team about the usability of the devices being evaluated. List 5 strategies for implementing a new system >>ANSWER- 1. Big bang 2. Phased by location 3. Phased by functionality 3. Pilot 4. Like for like What is a Business Continuity Plan? >>ANSWER- Defines how an organization prepares for and maintains the business functions of the system. 1. Operations and maintenance of the system to ensure stability. 2. Process of resolving issues that could or do cause the system to be unavailable. 3. How the business will continue without the system. 4. How to recover from an actual disaster. What does a business case typically include? >>ANSWER- 1. goal, 2. objectives
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