BSBTWK503 Assessment Task 3

Assessment Task 3 Instructions Carefully read the following: Grow Management Consultants has recently implemented a work-life balance policy. The policy includes a new initiative to hold a quarterly social event for all staff. As the Operations Manager for Grow Management Consultants, you have decided to have an informal meeting with your staff to seek their ideas on social activities and to discuss timing (e.g. which days of the week work best, what time). Note that the policy states that a maximum budget of $500 per activity may be allocated and that activities may be held on Friday afternoons or after 5 pm on any other day of the week. You should follow the Grow Management Consultants Meetings Policy and Procedures for informal meetings. Complete the following activities: 1. Develop a meeting agenda. The agenda should conform to the Meeting Policy and Procedures. It should clearly show the date and time for the meeting, as well as who is to attend the meeting and items for discussion as per the scenario information and meeting policy and procedure. Note that the meeting will last for about 15 minutes. Your assessor will advise you of the date and time for the meeting. Assume that the following staff will be attending the meeting: You (Operations Manager) Administration Project Officer (Sally Smith - roleplayed by assessor) Senior Management Consultant (Bob Downs) Marketing Manager (Jack Steel) Prior to the meeting, you will also be required to make notes on your own ideas for social activities. Research and make notes on at least two ideas to take to the meeting. Meeting notes social activities: team building activities, plan some games, trivia nights, sport activities, BBQ, team retreat, Friday night out etc. Idea 1 Friday night out Idea 2 sport activities
Meeting Agenda Meeting Date: 28/07 Meeting Time/duration: 15 minutes Meeting Location: Canteen Attendees: Administration Project Officer: Senior Management Consultant: Marketing Manager: Chair: Sohei, Operations Manager Please bring &/or read:
Agenda Items Time Allocated 1 Welcome and apologies 2 minutes 2 What is benefit of social activities? 15 mins 3 What activities should we do? 15 mins 4 When should we start the activities 15 mins Meeting notes with two (2) social activities Team-building activities also build camaraderie and trust—one of the most important aspects of a successful team so we agree to implement - Friday hang out - Sport activities 2. Send an email to the staff who will attend the meeting (your assessor). The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style. It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachment. Attach the meeting agenda to an email to staff (your assessor). The email should confirm the meeting arrangements and include an outline of the agenda. Dear staff, You are invited to join informal meeting on Friday afternoons. This is the opportunity to exchange ideas on a work-life balance policy. Please review the current policy and exchange ideas on the day. Best regards, Sohei 3. Conduct the meeting You are required to run an informal meeting with the staff (roleplayed by your assessor and two other students). Review the Meeting Policy and Procedures to make sure that you understand the role and responsibilities of the Chair for an informal meeting, as well as the requirements for minutes.
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