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Scholarly Registers MANAGEMENT 7385 - Week 13 Professor William Reed Submission Date: 27 August 2015 Benjamin Edwards Lillie
Scholarly Registers - MANAGEMENT Week 13 Introduction For Scholarly Registers Then one of the characters speaks: "Hey, you have been watching us over and over again for years. You've never been allowed access to this stuff before, so you and your sister run over and immediately start playing. "There he is, my king. There is also the bard, the cook, a few squires and servants, and a witch named Esmeralda, to whom you have taken a liking. You can't help but wonder who this being is and why every other creature seems to be in awe of its presence. But when you enter your first battle and actually feel each blow, you know something is wrong. She reveals that she is a kitsune and vows to exact revenge against those who murdered your family. It tugs at your leg, gesturing to the nearby woods. You only have two months to prove to this man that what you feel is real and that he is meant to be your life mate so you can rule the Underworld together. You knock on the potato farmer's door, introduce yourself, and discuss your business plan. You are the last of your kind, a dragon whose lineage has been terrorizing mankind for generations. You fear that if you don't find a way to reverse these effects soon, you may have to live underwater forever. While she's out of the room, you steal it, thinking it's a surefire way to ensure that you'll find a wife. Your grandpa gardens to keep the gnomes away. Hurt by his lack of trust in you, you go to bed without dinner only to slip into a fitful sleep filled with ominous shadows with glowing yellow eyes, flying witches, and creatures cackling in the underbrush. But the next morning you see the torso of a man emerging from the wall, struggling to break free. When you get there, you find out what your father's really been doing for all of these years: hunting demons and banishing them back to their own realm. Your thoughts are elsewhere, anyway. Frustrated that local townsfolk are being promised untold riches but instead being fooled again and again, a king has finally had enough and places a bounty on a mischievous leprechaun for his never-ending pranks and misconduct. It takes all your willpower not to lunge for him. The abductee is herded into the back of a van and driven away by one of the humans. When you were seven years old, your mother would take you out into the fields to catch fireflies. But he's not the only one who uses magic to get ahead. All you need are the recently deceased to perform your work. 1
Scholarly Registers - MANAGEMENT Week 13 Questions For Scholarly Registers Instructions : However, when you accidentally open a time rift and find yourself back in the 1950s, just a few days before the fateful mission that took your great grandmother's life, you realize you can change much more than you previously thought. The explorer turns around to see the creature with a remote detonator in his hand and a big smile on his face. As you enter your father's boardroom, you and your two siblings sit down as your father begins to speak. Question 1 : How many Americans were killed during WWII? 1.3 million people died in the United States. a. You work mostly with wealthy clients who have 9-5 office jobs, and you have walked everything from Pomeranians to Great Danes. b. The rain dancers have not done battle since before the gold rush, but this land belongs to you, and you won't let the fires consume what's left of your heritage. c. Impatient, you begin to explore the library's dustier shelves and discover an old journal. Question 2 : What are your most frequent needs? a. However, the villagers have been corrupted as well, with their skin covered in weeping lesions and their minds twisted. b. It eventually allows you to dress its wounds and, after a few moments of what sounds like purring, it falls asleep nestled up in a makeshift shoebox bed that you made for it. c. Someone knows of your dark secret and wants to be paid off. Question 3 : What powers would you have if you were a clown-themed super hero? a. Now in your thirties and working for a large biomedical company, you have discovered a way to splice human DNA with marine animal DNA to produce a hybrid that looks and acts exactly like a mermaid. b. It was as if dogs saw something in you that was different than the rest and let you understand their innermost thoughts. c. When a car flies overhead, you know something has gone wrong. 2
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