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Nov 14, 2023
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Activity: Creating a Team Contract Instructions 1. Working in the same group as you will for your assignments in this course (report, video presentation and fact sheet), begin to get to know each other. Consider the following questions to guide your discussion and determine the team's contract needs: Do you have additional responsibilities or commitments outside of school? Do you have experience working on a team or leading a team? Do you have a job? If so, is it part time or full time? What type of work interests you? Do you have children, siblings, parents or other family members requiring your care? Do you belong to any clubs or committees? Do you or other family members play sports? If you're taking this course online, what time zone do you live in? What GPA do you want to achieve or need to achieve in order to fulfill your scholastic requirements? Do you like to take notes? Are you a strong writer, editor or researcher? Do you consider yourself to be organized and on time with assignments? What is one piece of advice you can offer others based on your experience in previous team environments (e.g., family, work or school teams)? Do you have access to reliable Wi-Fi? Do you have your own computer? What method of communication works best for you? Where do you prefer to save and share written work (e.g., Teams Files, One Drive, other)? 2. Create a team contract that outlines the designated responsibilities of all members based on discussion, expectations and previous experiences in a team environment. Note: The team contract will be used as a guide to hold everyone accountable for fixed work throughout the course, allowing for greater focus on task-oriented roles and responsibilities within a working team environment. It should clearly define designated workloads, internal team deadlines and member responsibilities. The contract will set the team standards for work. © 2021, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 1
You may use an online template to create the contract or design something that is original to your team. 3. Submit the team contract as directed by your instructor. Note: Ensure all members have a copy of the team contract for reference. Additional Information to Consider Examples of good citizenship behaviour that should be included in the team contract: Accountability: Working in a team setting requires collaboration. Problem solving: Actively engage in finding solutions to problems or roadblocks. Time management: Effectively use time to ensure all tasks are completed prior to the deadline. (The team should not have to adjust internal deadlines or work responsibilities as a consequence of member procrastination). Preparedness: Each member brings the needed materials to meetings and is always ready to work. Quality of work: Each member provides work of the highest quality—something to be proud of by team standards and contractual agreement. Working with others: Each member is always listening, sharing and supporting the efforts of the others. Expectations: Successful teamwork happens when all members understand the work required, feel the workload is distributed equally, and performance standards and expectations are agreed to in advance. Examples and consequences for non-compliance must be clearly defined in the team contract and agreed to by all. Discuss and address potential situations, such as a team member submitting work that requires others to make significant edits or rewrites. Other considerations may include: A penalty for missing team meeting(s) Not using the shared document for team work Missing internally defined team deadlines Not including proper citations and references where required Creating drama or conflict within the team Why does it matter? Knowing what is expected and the consequences of non-compliance will achieve a better team outcome. Celebrate success. When due dates are met and the work meets quality standards, celebrate! © 2021, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 2
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