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Nov 14, 2023
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2 Project Planning The project managers play a key role in preparing a solid project plan which will see the project's success. For any success of any project, at least the minimum planning for it is required. It is difficult to develop a good project plan because the managers always need to assess the culture, the team, and delays. Dealing with a new company structure makes it difficult for managers to craft the best project plan as expected ( Abazajian et al., 2019) . It is also very difficult to build an effective workflow to ensure the project succeeds in achieving the set goals. A new project calls for new responsibilities among the managers, and thus, it is difficult for them to lead the newfound groups. Lack of trust has a huge impact on the development of a functional team that will see the project's success ( Abazajian et al., 2019) . One of the project's major considerations is building professional relationships among the teams. The project requires teamwork, and the lack of trust greatly affects the team's performance towards the project. The scope creep in a project is considered as the uncontrolled growth of scope after the project has already started. The changes in scope require some thorough consideration to ensure that they follow a very clear process to curb the abrupt changes. Scope creep always happens when the management of the requirements for the project is not taken care of ( Abazajian et al., 2019) . The best way for the PM to manage the scope creep is to ensure that the PM has a written contract and a plan. Additionally, clear communication is regarded as a vital tool in ensuring the management of scope creep is achieved.
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