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PA 5010
Nov 14, 2023
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Guest speakers professional panel- Memo Chanel James B. Miller PA-5010 November 11, 2023 1
Guest speakers professional panel- Memo Leadership is how a person influences a group to work towards achieving set targets or goals. This paper describes the beliefs and ideas I will strive to live up to and instill in my colleagues, subjects, and everybody else around me daily. It will help me know who I am, what I want to represent, and my overall view of the leadership activity. The title makes a leader, but people decide whether one is a true administrator. An effective leader has a sense of urgency, a clear mind, and deep intention in the heart at the place of work. One who performs work willingly and gives the best in all the efforts. Thus, one leader should lead by example through action, working hard, and giving the most. Ms. Binks stated, "knowing that you must be something to everyone to get a great outcome of services rendered." At gaining and developing leadership abilities, Ms. Binks works hard towards her teams by leading them, organizing schedules, and playing hard in her field. Ms. Bink's Leadership varies from small groups to the whole organization. It is hard to know how people surrender themselves in following the rules of one leader and trying to emulate other traits from another leader instead of copying all from one. This is The reason why people do this is because it all depends on leader role-playing. The roles can include position, leader's power, love, and admiration; hence, some members imitate this. Leaders can also be perceived as ineffective despite having good behaviors. Leaders need a drive to achieve set goals or targets. They can as well be seen as bad leaders but achieve set goals to carry out to the team. 2
Guest speakers professional panel- Memo "Leadership in starting my non-profit will be about collaboration and inspiring others to do their best work. I aim to be direct and collaborate with my team members by delegating tasks, leading by example, and ensuring they know I care." ( interview-questions ). As a leader, you must be something for everyone you encounter and always show that you want the best to see them thrive. Having a system that works for everyone is a plus in Leadership. Ms. Bink's passion for students, as well as their parents, knowing that reaching out to the parents helps to manage the pieces of successful high-school graduates will go on to be inspired to do better things in their lives. Leaders must have good people to work for them and be able to access them to become the best leader you can be. Leaders must know their expertise and motivation, which has many facets because motivation is sometimes intrinsic and extrinsic. One must be able to motivate people in a way they want to be encouraged to inspire people to do exemplary work and do a good job presenting themselves in a way to inspire others to trust their leadership skills. I can sum my leadership philosophy to leading by example, believing in success, communicating vision, believing in Leadership by positive reinforcement, and teaching by actions. The first belief, Leadership by example, applies where a leader keeps workers accountable. It also applies where a leader is always in direct conversation with colleagues or keeps a worker engaged by setting a higher achievable bar. 3
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