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CPHIMS 2023/24 Questions And Answers Rated A+ 35 5. Communicating project closure to all stakeholders. What is a steering committee? >>ANSWER- An advisory committee made up of high-level stakeholders or experts, which provides guidance on key issues such as: - Company policy and objectives - Budgetary control - Marketing strategy - Resource allocation - Decisions involving large expenditures The project plan lists tasks with: >>ANSWER- 1. Estimated timeframes 2. Dependencies 3. Responsible resources The Gantt chart includes: >>ANSWER- Used for effective project tracking 1. A series of rows detailing each step and sub-step in the project 2. Each row has multiple columns identifying: Start dates, Projected end dates, Completion percentage What are the 5 IT strategic plan development steps? >>ANSWER- 1. State the organization's mission, vision, goals and strategies; 2. Describe and assess current state of support systems and processes; 3. Define gap between functions provided and those that are needed; 4. Compare timeline for staff management vs. external development or purchase; 5. Identify who will take responsibility for the initiatives. What must Leaders do to achieve high quality standards? >>ANSWER- 1. Leaders must set clear expectations and plan for quality standards; 2. Measure, report and modify the plan to continually improve on the products delivered; 3. Publish current performance, goals and objectives; 4. Keep the department focused on the expectations and aspirations they are working toward.
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