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MGMT 4032
Nov 13, 2023
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Role of Corporate Office Aseem Kaul 1 Module: Managing a Multi-Business Firm © Aseem Kaul
Role of corporate office 2 © Aseem Kaul Video: Role of Corporate Office Strategic oversight Define corporate vision, mission & values Develop overall business strategy Legal / audit responsibilities Portfolio management Determine businesses to enter & exit Allocate budget / resources across businesses Monitor and guide business performance Corporate communication Manage corporate brand & reputation Shareholder communication & fund raising Stakeholder management Administrative context Define & manage structure & systems Administer cross-unit personnel movement Establish & maintain corporate culture Capability management Develop corporate (dynamic) capabilities Invest in development of strategic resources Enable transfer of expertise / best practice Corporate services Maintain common staff functions Develop & manage centralized strategic resources
Corporate strategy & design 3 © Aseem Kaul Video: Role of Corporate Office Structure High Relatedness Low Relatedness Functional Divisional Centralized Systems Customized & Cooperative Standardized & Cooperative Corporate role Strategic direction Cross-functional coordination Capability mgmt Corporate services Portfolio mgmt Divisional Decentralized Standardized & Competitive Strategic direction Portfolio mgmt Communication Administrative context Specialized Related Corporate Unrelated Corporate Priority Across > Within Across = Within Across < Within
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