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2 Getting employees to support difficult organizational decisions Within an organization, difficult decisions impact every employee within the organization and it is important to have their feedback when the decisions are being made. It is critically important that every organization creates a method for workers to provide feedback in the decisions that the organization is taking to bring everyone on board, get their insights, and have a unified decision regarding the running of an organization. Employee feedback implies better communication within an organization. Employees are the primary drivers of operations in an organization and if they boycott serious repercussions may face the organization. Employee feedback can be positive, negative, or constructive feedback. Negative feedback cannot be tolerated since it cannot build an organization, but rather cause its downfall. Getting employees to support difficult organizational decisions acts as a level of trust upon them which the organization management has placed on them. Asking employees for their opinions during major decision-making shows you trust them and it acts to motivate them of their value in the organization. The employees feel they make a difference and feel involved in contributing to the success of the organization (Dachner, et al 2021). Besides, it improves productivity within the organization as the employees feel as if they have a personal portion in the organization and its success. In addition, it promotes teamwork within the organization as employees feel valued through sharing their opinions which improves their interactions with the management. Moreover, getting employee feedback is important since it results in more engaged workers who perform their work diligently and result in improved performance. In addition, employee feedback results in a strong company culture which gives rise to new employees who share in jib satisfaction and shared value. There are several methods for providing employee feedback which can be formal or informal. The formal employee feedback can be collected through the use of employee performance conversations which involve the collection of employee views and opinions annually and their review and synthesis. Also, formally scheduled meetings with employees can give their feedback (Dachner, et al 2021). Besides, regular one-on-one conversations between company executives and employees can be used to collect their views. Informal feedback from employees which can be utilized include recaps, casual interpersonal relationships with employees, and group-based settings like team building and lunch where their decisions can be collected. However, employee feedback can be challenging especially when the employees give negative feedback. At times, incentives can help in adopting employee support as they are motivated by the small token they receive and wish the success of the company for their work security.
3 Reference Dachner, A. M., Ellingson, J. E., Noe, R. A., & Saxton, B. M. (2021). The future of employee development. Human Resource Management Review, 31(2), 100732.
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