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Every team goes through a five-step evolution. Consider a team you are a part of or have been a part of at work. What stage is the team currently in? Why do you say the team is in this stage? Give specifics examples. Every team goes through a five-step evolution "these stages are commonly known as: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning" ([email protected], n.d.). Currently, I am involved in a group project for one of my classes. Our project is not due until next weekend, November 19th. We have already had one group project earlier in the year, so we have already passed the forming stage. For this upcoming project we are currently in the morning stage. "During the Norming stage, members shift their energy to the team's goals and show an increase in productivity, in both individual and collective work. The team may find that this is an appropriate time for an evaluation of team processes and productivity" ( Using the Stages of Team Development | MIT Human Resources , n.d.). Our team is currently working on developing the necessary actions that we each need to take in order to complete this assignment on time and according to the instructions provided. We are working on establishing what needs to be figured out first (like who is in charge of what, do we understand the assignment, what platform are we going to use, and what company are we going to use as an example to complete it). These are just a few examples of what our norming stage is looking like thus far. From there we will move into the performing stage which is the actual working portion of this assignment as well as the delivering of this assignment on time, then we will adjourn.
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