29/08/2022, 10:10 General Measure of Enterprising Tendency v2 - GET2 www.get2test.net/get2result.html 1/5 The GET2 test de±nes an enterprising tendency as the tendency to start up and manage projects - highly enterprising people do this more often and are more innovative in their approach. This self assessment test aims to give you an idea of your enterprising potential, although it is important to note that there is much academic debate about the most important characteristics of enterprising people, and there is a role for education and training in helping people develop their potential. Your responses to the test suggest the following results: GET2 TEST RESULTS || || GET2 Test Enterprise Rating Less enterprising The overall GET2 test result score of 46% suggests that you are not highly enterprising in your present activities. This may be because you don't want to be enterprising because there are other things you intend to do. It might be a result of constraints in your life that have not enabled you to develop your enterprising potential so far, and this may change if you would like it to in your future life. This score suggests that you would probably prefer to work in employment rather than self-employment. Perhaps you might prefer to support enterprise rather than take a lead. Enterprises need people to support and work on the implementation of plans so that goals are met. This test does not assess personal strengths other than enterprising characteristics. The test, however, is not de±nitive and should be used as an educational aid for stimulating personal re²ection. If you are not happy with your test results, personal transformation is an open door! If you want to be enterprising you are half-way there! Several universities, such as the Open University offer free courses online which may help you to build up your business knowledge and skills (see http://openlearn.open.ac.uk (http://openlearn.open.ac.uk)). There are also many MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) freely available on the FutureLearn platform (https://www.futurelearn.com (https://www.futurelearn.com)) to help you to learn about technology, business and the economy, learn languages and so on. If you have never set up an enterprise before you might consider starting a small project in your community that represents a minimal risk to your time and money, to build up your experience and expertise. This may help you to decide how important it is for you to be enterprising. Need for Achievement
29/08/2022, 10:10 General Measure of Enterprising Tendency v2 - GET2 www.get2test.net/get2result.html 2/5 Having a medium score, you may recognise some of the following characteristics of a high need for achievement in yourself: An orientation towards the future; Reliance on your own ability; An optimistic rather than a pessimistic outlook; A strong task orientation; Effective time management; An orientation towards results, which applies to yourself and others; A restlessness, strong drive and high energy levels; Opinionated and ready to defend your ideas and views; A determination to ensure your objectives are met even when di³culties arise; Responsibility and persistence in pursuit of your aims; Goal-orientated, setting challenging but realistic goals; A willingness to work long and hard when necessary to complete tasks. A medium score probably means you are good at achieving work and life balance. Need for Autonomy Having a low need for autonomy score, you probably are content to work as a valuable member of an organisational team. You may prefer to be advised about managing your work and would not enjoy the responsibility of taking charge of an enterprise. However, autonomy may become more important to you at later times in your life. Creative Tendency Having a low score, you would probably look to others for entrepreneurial ideas, but are probably content with proven, traditional approaches to business or enterprise. If you wished to consider developing your own latent creative skills, the best conditions for creativity are in a relaxed space where you avoid critical thinking or thinking too ±xedly on a problem, and then use techniques, such as brainstorming or mindmapping to generate lots of
29/08/2022, 10:10 General Measure of Enterprising Tendency v2 - GET2 www.get2test.net/get2result.html 3/5 ideas. Part of the creativity process involves some idleness to allow the subconsious to work on ideas during an incubation phase. This may lead to sudden insights or Eureka moments, although creative ideas may be typically the result of an iterative process of thinking, using creative techniques, and relaxation to come up with good ideas. Calculated Risk-Taking Having a medium score, you may recognise yourself as being somewhat decisive and able to calculate whether your decisions and actions are likely to be successful. However, you may be happiest with tried and tested, less risky enterprising ideas, or business ideas where a partner takes the risks even if that might include sacri±cing some of the potential rewards. Locus of Control Having a medium score, you may recognise yourself as being somewhat opportunistic, self-con±dent, proactive and determined, although if you wish to start a business you may need to develop your self-con±dence and enterprising skills to make a success of the venture. In particular, you may need to learn to exert greater control over the development of your ideas. Your self-con±dence could be strengthened by developing speci±c business or project management skills in areas that you feel need to be improved. Without greater self-con±dence you may over-rely on others, such as partners or clients, and this could create greater risks for an enterprise. General Enterprising Tendancy (GET2) Test Result Summary The radar plot and chart show the characteristics of your GET2 test scores graphically. You can print the report off so that you can compare your chart with somene else's chart, or you can compare your own chart with a new chart if you decide to re-take the test on a future date.
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