I write this essay to talk about my S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) Goals. My goal at this point is to achieve my Bachelors in General Studies with a concentration in Human Resource Management with a minor in Information Technology. This will not only land me a job but help me start on a career path and be able to earn a fair wage, but will allow me to move up the ladder because I am backed by education. Ultimately I would like to work in the Human Resources department within my company and be able to contribute to things in the future. Having my academic advisor and program evaluation allows me to see what I achieved and what is to come next. Having this guide gives a visual on how far I have to go and how far I have already come when things get rough and I need a little motivation. I will use each eight- week term as a short-term goal and check in with my advisor to ensure that I am on the right track when selecting classes. Also making sure that my grades are good so there is no need to repeat any classes. While doing this I would like to work side by side with my manager and let them know of my future goals and see if they have any advice or people that I can talk to. Thus far I have set aside two hours a day dedicated to school work, which can be reading research or tutoring what ever needs to be done. While I am in school, I will still be applying for roles in the Human Resource department to start getting more of real-life experience. I am willing to go in as a talent scout of benefits coordinator and climb the ladder within and slowly build myself up to more responsibilities. While achieving my bachelors will take a couple of years and this is considered my long- term goal, I am hoping within a year time I can move departments within my company and start to get to know some of the important people. I think it is important to touch as many departments within a company so then you have first-hand experience and can end up the go-to person.
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