MBA 5025 Week 1 Discussion Question - Response 4

Week 1 Discussion Question Why are ethics, values, diversity, inclusion, and social change critical when developing and initiating a planned change? In my opinion, when creating and implementing planned change, a strong consideration for ethics, values, diversity, inclusion, and social change is critical, because planned change can significantly impact individuals and organizations. Each of these factors plays an essential role in ensuring that the change is implemented in a way that is responsible, and equitable, and contributes to positive social progress. To ensure that the change is ethically in line with moral principles, it is essential for organizations to recognize that change is about people and keep an open and transparent conversation with its employees. Understanding and aligning the change with the organization's values and those of the people involved can increase buy-in and acceptance, prevent resistance, and foster a culture of openness and collaboration. Additionally, considering diversity and inclusion can help ensure that the change efforts are equitable and benefit all members of the organization. Furthermore, organizations should also consider social change, to ensure that change efforts align with broader societal goals and contribute to a better future. This can lead to a positive impact on society and help organizations stay relevant and competitive. In last, by incorporating these factors into the change process, organizations can create a more innovative and adaptive workplace that leads to better solutions and outcomes. It can also lead to better employee and stakeholder buy-in, resulting in a smoother transition to the new way of doing things.
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