MGT 380Nine Box Assignment

Jack Stauber 1 MGT 380 April 07, 2022 Nine Box Assessment Employees who are in the middle in terms of performance and potential are good fits for the company but may lack certain training, abilities and competencies that they need in order to move up within the company or become more successful in their positions. A performance review should be conducted on an individual's performance within their current position and then their ksa's should also be compared and measured to other positions within the company. Then a nine box assessment should be conducted in order to compare their current level of competencies and ksa's to assess whether they are a good applicant for a promotion into a new position or if they may be deficient in certain competencies that still need to be improved. For employees who are continuously performing well and have potential to move up, a succession planning program should be made to be ongoing, and revised according to current strategic goals to give employees the ability to develop their skills and abilities to eventually fill vacant roles when the time comes. A gap analysis should be conducted of each individual to assess what areas need improvement and in order to demonstrate areas where prospective leaders or applicants might need further development of their skills and abilities in order to be successful in the new position. Additional information should be collected and a study should be conducted to determine whether training would be the appropriate response to performance problems. This can be done through organizational analysis, person analysis, or task analysis. If a training needs assessment or development program is needed in order to improve an employee's knowledge, skills, and abilities, then additional information about the competencies and skills needed for the job should be collected and analyzed. On-the-job training should also be conducted which can include stretch assignments, mentorship, ongoing feedback, or programs that are specifically tailored in order to help improve an employee's required competencies and their ksa's. After the training needs assessment, a survey or questionnaire should be conducted to receive feedback from employees to assess whether or not the trainer, the facilities and the content helped to improve their ksa's for the job. Ultimately if employee productivity starts to improve through continuous performance reviews and there's a greater "transfer of training"within the company, meaning that employees can actively use their training to improve their ksa's on the job and in other positions, then the output and productivity will increase.
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