BUS610 Module 1 Write Up

Module 1 Write Up 1. What are the main points of the discussion/s that you were part of? Provide your best, most complete, and most focused summary. The main points of the discussions that I was part of mainly surrounded my own discussion posts; therefore, it had a lot to do with promoting gender equality. A lot of the discussion surrounded what measures could be implemented to promote gender equality and bigger issues of gender discrimination. For the first prompt, I also participated in the discussion that stemmed from Ashley and Elizabeth. In Ashley's discussion, the main point of the discussion surrounded sustainability and also misleading content on social media. The main point of Elizabeth's discussion was whether larger companies could be impacted enough to make a change. In the second prompt, I responded a lot to the people who responded to my initial post. Thus, part of our main point surrounded stakeholder management approach. Emma helped to further my understanding of the synthesis approach. Moreover, I answered a lot of questions that were directed about my dad's business approaches. Further, we discussed a lot of social responsibility practices within companies and also my dad's business. I also participated in Steve's discussion, so the main point surrounded sustainability, and the discussion stemmed from my question of whether these companies are trying to be socially conscious or whether they are doing it for their own personal gain. I also participated in Joshua's discussion where the main point was practices for long-term success. 2. What were your greatest contributions to the discussion? Please tie these to the text and external materials. My greatest contributions to the discussion were using my own background to help supplement my posts. In my prompt 1 discussion, I used my law background to provide information that highlights gender inequality at the workplace. For example, I used what I read in Dahlia Lithwick's book to discuss sexual harassment and assault within the legal field. I also used the example of my family's grocery store while discussing sustainability and stakeholder analyses. Moreover, I also posed some questions at the end of my initial post and throughout some of my replies. I believe that these questions helped to further the conversation in terms of getting the conversation started (initial post) and also create further discussion (responses and replies). Through these contributions, I think that using real-life examples and posing questions helped to further the discussions and demonstrated a small business-approach that is not always referred to in textbooks.
3. What was the best peer contributions (up to three) to the discussion? Please describe how and why. The best peer contribution to the discussion was Elizabeth Hillmon's reply to my Personal Perspective post. It was clear that she had a very thoughtful response to my post. Furthermore, I thought that she did a very good job answering the questions that I posed at the end. Additionally, her post was insightful and really dove into other measures that I had not considered. Elizabeth also furthered the conversation by not only providing other measures to implement but also discussed how they could be implemented. This allowed for more discussion about those measures.
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