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To whom this may concern, Ashley Caballero started working with me soon after she informed me she needed a job to help out her family financially but that her hours were limited due to her being in school out of state. While unsure how the lack of flexibility would work I decided to give her a chance because her intentions seemed genuine. She would constantly go out of her way to try to make as many hours as she could in order to make the deadlines to her school feels and despite her situation, she always would try to put a smile on her face. Her work ethic has always been on point, and responsible, and on top of everything she had the energy and full effort to always give it her all. In a matter of weeks, I was able to make her a manager, which goes to show how great not just an employee she is, but a person as well. Around the end of October, she arrived to work devastated due to her car being hit again and it being hit and run. She mentioned to me how she saw this as a setback to all of her progress but me and our crewmembers always tried bringing the light to things. While the car was somewhat driveable at the time, a couple of months after, right after New Year's her car was hit once again in our parking lot. I was able to capture the car's plate of who did it, but eventually, the cops did not do much to help her out. Ashley had a very rough year overall and coming from someone who has worked with her for a while now, it is noticeable she has immense perseverance and despite how many challenges have come her way, she will not give up. Unfortunately, we never know when life will hit us with unexpected circumstances and we all do not have the same opportunities to face them. Best, Store Manager Jovanna Alvarado
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