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C C200
Oct 16, 2023
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C200 - Managing Organizations and Leading People Course of Study * Management Analysis * Changes Driven By Technology Week 2 * Theories of Leadership Week 3 * Self-Awareness Week 4 ® Sustaining Business Performance * Strategic Management Week 5 * Organizational Structure and Innovation Week 6 * Managing Organizational Quality and Initiatives * Review * Performance Assessment Managing Organizations and Leading People How effective organizations are managed is the key factor in the life and success of an organization. Leading is the ability of a superior to influence the behavior of subordinates and persuade them to follow specific courses of action. Management Analysis Organizational management is the force that drives organizations forward to accomplish identifiedgoals through analytic processes. Through discussion and analysis, management develops new ways to improve an organization's efficiency and increase profitability through reduced costs and increased revenues. This topic addresses the following competency: * Competency 3018.1.1: Practice of Management The graduate explains the theoretical bases, current knowledge, best practices, and trends related to the practice of management. This topic highlights the following objectives: 5/19
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