Assignment 7

Part 1: Section 1 - 12 Never, 2 Sometimes, Often Section 2 - 4 Never, 2 Sometimes, 1 Often Section 3 - 6 Never, 1 Sometimes, 1 Often Section 4 - 4 Never, 1 Sometimes, Often Part 2: Honestly, I feel pretty safe in life and I mostly have "Never" answers. I rarely feel like my life is in danger and I rarely put myself in a situation where I feel threatened. The only thing I guess I would try and improve on it protecting my home better. I grew up in a area that no one locked their door because it would be very rare that someone would try something hurtful to other. These habits have followed me to college and I often forget to lock my door and I will also just open the door for strangers if they need something. This is something I can definitely improve on. I would say a goal for this would be to lock my door when I leave for class tomorrow, then every time I can remember I will keep doing it until I make it a new habit.
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