Clinical Field Experience C: Assessment Analysis Feedback Clinical Field Experience C: Assessment Analysis Feedback Anthony M Porter II October 4, 2023 EAD-533 Dr. Jim Hattabaugh
Clinical Field Experience C: Assessment Analysis Feedback After looking over a benchmark assessment of the 9 th grade English teacher, I was asking the teacher why the assessment chosen, the teacher and principal informed me that the assessment is the regular fall assessment that is taken every year when the students return to school from summer break, I also asked them do they have monitor the assessment they told me that they get the results of the test from the state to see how the students faired on the test. The state gives schools baseball cards that give the students prior score new score and the gains they have made. We discussed how the students could improve on their previous score. My mentor stated that with extra tutoring and homework help for the students in person and virtually, will be able to effectively change the trend in scoring. The data collected will be analyzed, and the teachers will focus on the problem areas of the test so the students will be better prepared for the next test. PSEL standard 4 will be incorporated into my future practices because as an administrator I am responsible for curriculum and the standardized test that are provided by the state. I need to be sure that the students and the teachers are prepared for what they will face.
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