Organizational Structure and Culture Report

Southern New Hampshire University **We aren't endorsed by this school
Oct 22, 2023
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1 Organizational Structure and Culture Report Southern New Hampshire University September 3,2023 Table of Contents
2 1. Introduction 3 Objectives and structure of the report 2. Current Organizational Structure and its Impact on Innovation 3 How the Current Organizational Structure Supports Innovation Effectiveness in Addressing Changes in Market Demand 3. Recommendations for Changes in Organizational Structure 4 Proposal of strategic changes to enhance innovation. Explanation of the rationale behind each proposed change. 4. How the New Structure Supports Innovation 5 Description of the benefits and outcomes expected from the recommended structural changes. 5. Responsiveness to Market Demand 6 Explanation of strategies to make the organization more responsive to market dynamics. 6. Organizational Changes to Support a Culture of Innovation 6 Current Culture's Impact on Innovation How the New Structure Supports a Culture of Innovation 7. Conclusion 7 Summary of key recommendations for organizational structure and culture. 8. References 8 List of sources and references used for this report.
3 Introduction In today's highly competitive global vehicle manufacturing business, encouraging innovation is not merely a worthy objective for any company, but a fundamental necessity. The company's structure and culture play an important part in their success and this report examines the significant impact that our company's structure and culture have on our capacity for innovation. Additionally, an analysis of the company's current complex and tall matrix structure as well as its pervasive corporate culture are dissected in order to shed light on the company's difficulties in order to make recommendations for improvements. Current Organizational Structure and its Impact on Innovation Our company is organized in a manner that is both hierarchical and complex. Its structure is supported by a tall, matrixed design that is made up of specialized centers of excellence (COEs). These COEs are highly crucial for ensuring that the available resources and procedures are utilized effectively and preventing the repetition of work already completed. Despite the fact that this design makes operations simpler, it is not without flaws. Hierarchical structures have the potential to impede communication and the decision-making process, which makes it more challenging for decision-makers to find timely solutions to problems. This is one of the problems with this structure. The centralized structure could make it more difficult to be flexible, and the centers of excellence could potentially create barriers that make it more challenging for individuals from different departments to collaborate with one another. Because the organization places such a high priority on its structure and governance, it loses some of its adaptability as a result. This may make it more difficult for the company to respond rapidly to developments. Even though it has some issues, our company's present structure has helped innovation in some
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