GS 2Team 2

Team 2: Isabel, Margaret, Romano, Michael, and Eric GS Part 2 Management Structure Store Manager This individual will handle and manage the store. Responsibilities include taking inventory and making sure the store is fully stocked and running smoothly. Should know how to run a store, manage employees, and make sure staff members are doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. The store manager doesn't necessarily have to be knowledgeable about bikes, but it would be a bonus if he or she was. All other coordinators and employees will report to him or her. Financial Coordinator Our financial coordinator will handle all of the fixed and variable costs that come with bike and store ownership. Responsibilities include managing the salaries of employees, rent, and the costs of bike purchases and repairs, as well as collecting revenue. This individual must have significant prior experience and prove their qualification before hiring.
Product Coordinator This individual must be experienced in the biking industry to help repair and manage the bikes. Should be highly knowledgeable about bike mechanics, know how to perform repairs, and should strive for bike maintenance in the most cost effective manner. Bike Assistant This employee reports to the product coordinator and their day-to-day job will be to make rounds to the bike racks and assess the bikes for damage. If there are any damages, he or she will bring the bikes back to the shop for repair. This role is necessary in the event that bikes become damaged by previous riders and also general wear and tear is expected to occur to the bikes over time. Cashier Responsibilities include ringing up customers, fielding questions, and assisting new customers in joining our program. This employee will need strong communication and people skills and must know how to interact with customers. They will also handle program cancellations and can pass customer concerns up to higher management if appropriate. Technology Employee This employee will develop and establish our swipe card system, which retains customer information and tracks Đi's rewards program. This individual will also assist in mailing our swipe cards to participating customers after they register online. Must be very technologically skilled. Marketing Employee Responsibilities include promoting our brand online and around Carlisle. This individual will also be given the opportunity to take on an unpaid intern to assist with social media postings. Leadership Philosophy Common Values and Leadership Behavior Ði is committed to quality service, customer satisfaction, and environmental and economic sustainability. Our company is determined to provide its customers with consistently easy-to-use, efficient, low-impact transportation. Ði achieves this by upholding its core values: responsibility, integrity, fulfillment, hard work, and collaboration. Trust and respect are additional values that are vital to our business model. Ði's leadership team reflects these values through their actions and expects the same high standard from their employees. Our leadership team is respectful, accessible, and open to receiving customer feedback. Leadership behaviors include leading by example, showing up day-in and day-out, always giving maximal effort,
working with enthusiasm and passion for biking and creating a greener world, and talking to all company employees as equals and with respect. All employees, regardless of ranking in the management structure, are human; they are more than a product of their work. Leadership's Attributes and Contribution to Success Our leaders are the driving force behind this company and directly contribute to the success of Ði's mission. Although all employees contribute to its success, the leaders are the backbone. They were the brains behind company creation and continue to work to help the business grow and evolve. They also ultimately have the final say in decision making, many of which have direct impacts on business. Five words that describe Ði's ideal leader are trustworthy, conscientious, effective, steady, and responsible. These attributes are a reflection of company values. Decision Making Decision-making should follow the rational decision-making model, time permitting, and is a collective effort. Ði's leaders partake in participative (democratic) leadership where all levels of management collaborate to make decisions. Ultimately, the store manager has the final say, but not every little decision must be run by that individual. The coordinators also have a substantial voice in the company and are in constant communication with their employees. Ði is starting out as a relatively small company, so it isn't unreasonable to get input from all employee members. This is situation based (not all company decisions are appropriate to share with everyone), but Ði is a strong believer that giving employees a sense of autonomy is fundamental in maintaining a healthy company culture. Leadership and Company Growth Leaders grow by remaining open-minded. Hearing employee and customer feedback, whether it be positive or negative, is essential for growth. They all possess technical, human relations, and conceptual skills, but are always working to improve upon them. It is detrimental to get caught up in the "leaders know all" mindset. Employees' and customers' differences in backgrounds grant them unique perspectives and ideas. This diversity is crucial in terms of keeping business model evolution active and not stagnant. Accountability At Ði accountability looks like showing up to work everyday and giving it your full effort. It involves being responsible for your actions and encouraging others to remain responsible for theirs. Ði expects high levels of accountability from all staff members. Lack of accountability will be addressed by respective managers and could result in removal from the company. Talent Management Strategy Đi has a simple division of employees among positions in the company. There will be one management position and two coordinator positions that oversee the storefront and handle the
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