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C C200
Oct 16, 2023
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C200 - Managing Organizations and Leading People Course of Study * Nyman, M., & Thach, L. (2013). Coaching as a new leadership development option. Supervision, 742), 23-26. * Qakland, J. (2011). Leadership and policy deployment: The backbone of TQM. 7ota/ Quality Management & Business Excellence, 225), 517-534. * Phillips, C. (2013). Can we talk? Law Practice Today, 3943), 3 * Rooke, D. R. (2005). 7 Transformations of leadership. Harvard Business Review, 834), 66- 76. ® Scarrow, P. (2010). Interview with a quality leader: Kate Goonan on performance excellence. Journal For Healthcare Quality: Promoting Excellence In Healthcare, 323), 32-35 * Think you're a leader? Take our test to find out the truth. (2005). Healthcare Purchasing News , 237), 26. * Taneja, S. (2013). Strategic management in an era of paradigmatic chaos: Lessons for managers. /nternational Journal Of Management, 30(1), 112-126 * Turregano, C. G. (2012). Creating a shared leadership culture through multilevel development. Public Manager, 47(3), 18-21. * Woolliams, P. (2013). Realizing change through other ways of working: Reconciling competing demands. Organization Development Journal, 31(2), 6-16 ® Zenger, J. (2013). Developing leaders. Leadership Excellence, 38), 24. * Zenger, J., & Folkman, J. (2013). Inspiring & motivating to achieve top performance. Financial Executive, 241), 56-59. Each of the readings listed below has been added to the related Management chapters within the MindTap course. You can access the readings by cIicking on the assigned chapter readings within the courseware. To cite these articles in your paper in APA format, see the Writing Center's Guide to Academic Writing Module A.05: Journal Articles. Important Resources The WGU Writin nter: Writin nter Home P View SMART Goals The following short video will assist you in creating SMART goals when completing the Performance Assessment for Task 2. Note: To download this video, right-click the following link and choose "Save as...": download video. Topics and Pacing This outline suggests a weekly structure to pace your completion of learning activities. It is provided as a suggestion and does not represent a mandatory schedule. Follow these guidelines carefully to complete the course in the suggested timeframe. Week 1 4/19
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