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FSSO 128 - Leadership: Exploring What Drives Leaders and People Who Make a Difference Fall 2021 Section 100 (13977): Seminar, TuTh 2:30pm - 3:45pm, Peter B. Lewis Building, Room 124 4 th Hour, We 12:45 - 2:00pm, Geller 001 Section 101 (13978): Seminar, TuTh 4:00pm - 5:15pm, Peter B. Lewis Building, Room 124 4 th Hour, We 12:45 - 2:00pm, Geller 001 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Seminar Instructor Anita Howard, Ph.D. Email: [email protected] Office: PBL 427 Phone: 216.368.5794 Office Hours: by appointment I look forward to meeting individually with everyone in the course - in particular, during orientation period/first week of classes; midterm advising meetings; or whenever you'd like to talk. At the beginning of the semester I especially look forward to connecting with students who receive support from the Coordinator of Disability and may need special arrangements. ........................................................................................................................... Writing Instructor Andrea Milne, Ph.D . Email: [email protected] Office: Bellflower 206 Office Hours: by appointment ---------------------------------------------------------------------- S EMINAR D ESCRIPTION "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead, 1901-1978 This seminar examines what it means to be a leader and how leaders make a positive impact in today's world . The course has two primary aims. First, we will explore contemporary leadership models from a theoretical and practical perspective, and how leadership is viewed from different frameworks (cultural, organizational, professional, historical, political, etc.). Second, you will explore your own leadership style and approach through seminar readings and personal leadership assessments; online peer-discussions; class discussions and activities; team projects; and written reflections and a final paper. By the end of the seminar you are expected to have a well-grounded understanding of the major leadership models; what enables leaders to be effective in today's complex, fast-changing world; and your own, personal approach to being/becoming the leader you want to be.
2 S EMINAR PHILOSOPHY Seminar experience works best when we engage in active, open discussion about seminar readings, activities, and the different perspectives we bring as seminar members. This is an opportunity to explore your views on leadership; understand and respect the views of others; and build a learning community that supports shared growth and discovery. All SAGES seminars are writing intensive: you should expect to write often and to revisit and significantly revise your writing in response to feedback from peers, writing instructors, and seminar leaders. The SAGES program provides several models of classroom writing support. In our seminar, I will provide the majority of writing instruction, and I will provide the feedback on your writing. Our FSSO 128 writing instructor, Andrea Milne, will attend some classes to conduct writing workshops. She will be your primary contact in the Writing Resource Center and can answer via email questions you might have about your writing in particular. S EMINAR L EARNING O BJECTIVES Understanding Leadership Theory and Practice through seminar readings, videos, interactive activities, and 4 th Hour events. Developing As a Leader by completing a variety of leadership self-assessments, activities, and written reflections. Developing As a Writer by producing three reflection papers (3-4 pages each); a final paper (8-10 pages); and a SAGES Writing Folder that includes an optional revision of one 3-page reflection paper and a 2-page self-assessment of your development as a writer this semester. Developing As a Project Team Member by collaborating on a Team project (oral presentation assignment) . Contributing to Scholarly Conversation by expressing your ideas in seminar discussions, being open to ideas expressed by others, and analyzing ideas and positions from a variety of perspectives . Special Scheduling Needs: Any student requiring special consideration in adhering to seminar event schedules or arrangements should make an appointment to speak with Professor Howard. S EMINAR E XPECTATIONS Come On Time and Ready to Participate . Share Your Ideas and Experiences. Listen respectfully to the voices of others. Actively engage in seminar discussions and teamwork. Treat others with respect in order to make the seminar a safe environment for exploring ideas and challenging assumptions. Make Connections with the Teaching Team . Discuss your work with the instructors and revise your papers when you know you can improve them significantly. We are here for you and are available outside of class to give help and support. Bring Your Ideas and Curiosity. Develop your intellectual curiosity through readings and assignments. Bring what you learn to class discussions. Have fun sharing and listening!
3 S EMINAR R EQUIREMENTS AND G RADING Requirements Complete assigned readings and coursework Participate in seminar discussions and online discussion forums Attend all seminar sessions and 4 th Hour events Complete all written assignments and the team project assignment Grading Components 20% Class Participation (20pts) A total of 10pts earned for participation in ten online Discussion Forums, with two discussion posts completed for each assigned forum, and 1pt earned for contributing two posts per forum - i.e., one comment in response to the discussion forum question (.5pts) and one comment in response to another classmate's post (.5pts) A total of 10pts earned for active participation in seminar discussions, activities , and SAGE Vantage eBook assignments 65% Writing Assignments (65pts) Reflection #1 ( 3-4pgs): 10pts Reflection #2 (3-4pgs): 10pts Reflection #3 (3-4pgs): 10pts Final Paper (8-10pgs): 20pts SAGES Writing Folder: 15pts A thoughtful revision of one 3-page reflection paper: 10pts A two-page self-assessment of your development as a writer this semester: 5pts 15% Team Project (15pts) S EMINAR T EXT Northouse, P. G. (2021). Leadership Theory and Practice (9 th Edition), SAGE Vantage for Northouse, Leadership Vantage Digital Option, 9781071821169 . This seminar requires the use of SAGE Vantage, an online learning environment that includes semester-long access to the entire text and integrated assignments, including multimedia activities, videos, case studies, leadership self-assessments, concept-based knowledge checks, chapter reading tests, and more. You can purchase access to Northouse, Leadership 9e (SAGE Vantage, 2021) directly through SAGE Vantage. You can also purchase access through the CWRU bookstore. Purchasing Access to Northouse, Leadership 9e (SAGE Vantage, 2021) Part 1: How to Register for SAGE Vantage . In order to access Northouse, Leadership, 9e (SAGE Vantage, 2021) you will need to register for SAGE Vantage at the link provided for our course: Link for FSSO 128 Leadership: 100: Link for FSSO 128 Leadership: 101:
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