MHR- Reflection 6

Reflection 6 Interviews allow the employer and employee to analyze each other's skills and benefits to see if they are suitable in working together and within the workplace. There are multiple ways to interview a possible candidate for the position available such as; one on one, group interviews, over the phone, etc. This allows the interviewer to get to know the candidate on a professional level and decide whether they are a good fit for the position. In my personal experience, I have interviewed at many different companies in the ways listed above. My recent interview was at a Real Estate firm where I was asked to come in and have a one on one interview. During the interview, I was expected to solve different mathematical problems and was tested on my typing skills. The interviewer saw my passion in learning the work and hired me on the spot as he saw that I was a good candidate for the position. Overall I believe that interviewing is not just beneficial for the company to ensure they are hiring the right person but it is also beneficial for the interviewee to know what to expect at that workplace and the working environment. Word Count: 199
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