Coaching Essentials Notes

Coahing Essintials Notes Coaching Essentials Coaching Foundations Executive & Leadership Coaching Will be certified after 3 coaching courses Credentialed after taking test (follow the ethics) Can you take the assesment ACC Completed 60 hours of coach specific education and PCC MCC 200 hours *Download files Learning styles Core Value Inventory -1 10am tomorrow Tomorrow? Lunch Therapy is about the past, coaching is about the future Client has the answer Creative, resourceful, whole *Coaching is the future, counseling is the past Must become an expert in provocative questioning *How do you know when mommys stressed Johari window Belief System Thoughts Emotions Behaviors Actions Value is the gas in your car Take anything... Covid Misalignment depletes energy. It takes more energy to hold two different feelings **Coaching bench place? Chemistry interview Why coaching and why now ? Is that the take on It coaching? Should we allow people to come to us? During the video they will evaluate how well you do these... Foundation C-Creating the relationship Communicating effectively Cultivating Learning Reflective Practive
Gotta stay fit. What does that look like for you. CKA is the knowledge exam Inspirational Confirmation EI Overall 80 Personal Competence 85 Self Awareness 91 Self Management 79 Social Competence 77 Social Awareness 74 Relationship Management 79 *Get Coaching Questions We go slow so that we can go fast How would you rate the quality of your relationships Does my intentions match my impact. Page 63, it give you all the strategies for EI ***Attention Management A good place to start is maintaining more control over your technology and your environment. We must remember that we are not at the mercy of our phones, email notifications or noisy, distracting environments. Here is how you can start reversing this trend: Turn your phone to silent, not vibrate when you're not using it. Better yet, put it off or at least in airplane mode when you're doing thoughtful work. Make a "Do Not Disturb" sign for your office door or chair. Work "offline" for set periods of time to eliminate computer or email notifications. From < > 3. Establishes and maintains agreement( Coach Competency) Beginning The 'TOSS' Model for Establishing and Maintaining Coaching Session Agreements - International Coaching Federation
Definition: Establishing the Coaching Agreement: ICF Competency - Coaching Outside the Box (6) Competency 3: Establishes and Maintains Agreements | LinkedIn Establishing The Coaching Agreement: The ICF Competency No. Two (
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