Week 3 BUSN 501

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TLMT 312
Oct 18, 2023
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Ethical considerations are important for many reasons, people researching and groups participating in research projects need to have a ethical standardized set of rules to be able to have noticeable results. Example not having a set of rules in place can take away from researchers bending the rule and tailoring their results to way they want it to be. With rules set in place is builds unbiased results with integrity of a researcher. Paid research is viewed as unethical because there is a view of not have integrity this can be a conflict of interest. For one having the quality of a paid research gives the researchers the free of mind knowing there is a check at the end of this. Therefore, there can be a choice of the type of research that is being done, Ie choosing or favoring a set of individuals being researched. The work may be more closely pinpointed to the funded sources mind, there may be more involved as well. Unpaid research has pros and cons. For starter the individuals researching the product will be way smaller than the amount for being paid, since the work is all voluntary. The work is honestly more credible since the people are nonprofit and not persuaded by money, so there work is done to a quality, Con would the amount of people supporting the work. Being paid individuals can be objective since there ending results could hinder what the financing source of there research is expecting. Personally, I've seen ethical issues, in the military. I've seen an individual being investigated for crashing a vehicle, and the person conducting the quote on quote on quote research was buddy with that person so there findings were nonfounded, even though there was clear evidence of that person being at fault.
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