HRM 400 6-1 Make Your Case

HRM 400 6-1 Making Your Case Kristine Lussier Southern New Hampshire University October 7, 2023
Staffing Needs: Two additional shifts are being added, which will require additional staff. First, we must decide how many hours each change will be broken down. If we have three shifts that are eight hours each, that will require at least sixteen employees. Also, existing staff may need to be moved around to ensure that all three shifts are covered with some experienced people on each shift. Where can we shift or promote current employees? Justification based on SWOT Analysis : Adding additional shifts increases productivity and workloads, and having other staff will relieve the stress on existing employees during this already stressful time. Current employees should be given first choice as to the preferred shifts or alternate shifts to accommodate a work/life balance. Key positions: Key positions are necessary for success during this transition. The following positions will be targeted to aid in this change. Team Leads/Supervisors: Team leads or supervisors should be assigned to each shift. This position will be responsible for all employees on their shift, ensuring work is completed correctly. Tech Support: Depending on the additional staff and the workload demand, IT may have to implement new or updated software or equipment to accommodate the changes. Tech support will ensure that every new employee is set up as required to do their job.
Department/Operation Managers: These management positions will oversee the changes of new shifts, policies, procedures, and any other requirements to implement a smooth transition. Human Resources: Human resources are essential from the start. They are ensuring the hiring process covers all three shifts. Oversee that training is completed and that the company is compliant with labor laws/regulations. Justification based on SWOT Analysis: Each department will need to help during this transition. However, some key positions, as listed above, will be targeted. Each key role will have responsibilities such as HR with hiring and training, Operations/Department Managers with shift coverage, procedures, and policies, and IT/Tech with ensuring all systems are up and running. Employees have access to the technology, and Team Leads/Supervisors will ensure that staff are completing their required job tasks and that any issues or concerns their staff have are addressed appropriately. Recommendations: Resistance to this change is to be expected. How we handle the opposition is vital. As mentioned in the SWOT Analysis, communication is critical. Effectively communicate with the employees, be transparent and open. Explaining why the changes are happening and the benefits to the employees and the company. Listen to the employee's concerns and answer questions honestly. Express that training and support will be provided. Training the employees to ensure they know what their job is and what is expected from them.
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