ition fian 2/ 39/39 ave 333 A is THODOLOGY EEACH SECTION IN EACH )VING FORWARD. 0 J0-ASSIGNMENT Unorganized Facts - Situ ation Report TG OIS I WuT oot Gw 14. Follow-up Actions: Mall management is reviewin further and identify any contributing factors. 15. Lessons Leamed: The Incident raised concerms ab training for security guards and the such incidents g CCTV footage to assess the situation out the adequacy of de-escalation need for enhanced crowd control measures during Instructions: Based on the unorganized facts provided, prepare a short report summarizing ast Saturday. Your report should be well structured and include the following sections: 1. Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the incident, including the date, time. and location. 2. Description of the Incident: Summarize the incident, including what triggered the altercation and the level of aggression displayed. 3. Response and Interventions: Ex to the situation, including the de 4. Outcome and Aftermath: Descri taken by mall management 5. Implications and Lessons Learned: Anal security procedures and crowd control learned from the situation. plain how the security guards and mall staff responded -escalation techniques used. be the outcome of the incident and any follow-up actions YyZze the incident's potential implications for measures, and highlight any lessons that can pe 6. Conclusion: Summarize the key points of your report. **Vour rennrt should he aronnd 500-700 words Plaasa an: Sira rn nroanize the D N A i
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