Quiz 3.2 answer

Quiz 3.2 answer 14. Even if you are an excellent multi-tasker, the more effective time-management skill involves focusing on a single task without distractions Answer: true 15. Eliminating an undesirable habit can happen in as little as_ but typically will take around_ Answer: three weeks, two months 16. Dimensions of wellness include the following except: Answer: influential 17. The stage of Hans Selye's GAS where the body has adapted to chronic stress by raising resistance above normal is Answer: stage of resistance 18. People generally will work best in a quiet atmosphere without distractions; most will not thrive with background noise or music Answer: false 19. Trying to reduce stress at the physical level of the stress Hourglass mainly involves the use of relaxation techniques such as bubble baths or meditation Answer: false 20. Oh no! you are procrastinating on your school term paper and are now two weeks behind the schedule you made for yourself, reasons for your behavior include all of the following except Answer: all of the above Wearing a rubber band and snapping it on your writst for an uncomfortable sting every time you think of your ex is a way of managing stress at the __ level Answer: cognitive appraisal
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