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Oct 21, 2023
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Hello, Our takeaways are so similar. With you already working in the field, it's more of an enhancement for you. I find it all fascinating and didn't know everything that goes into developing the package. I think the pay and flexibility are big issues now and will continue to be in the future. I would imagine some sort of total rewards package is essential to any organization, regardless of the size, to attract and maintain quality staff. I'm excited to transition to this field. Hello, Thank you for the informative post. You hit on a lot of good points regarding the total rewards program. It's so true regarding the benefits and what's important for one may not be as important for another. It would be nice to have everything in one package, but I realize that is nearly impossible. An example is my vision plan. I wear contacts, but also like to wear my glasses at times. My organization's plan is good for contacts, but not glasses. I have coverage with my employer and my husband has me on his vision coverage because his plan is better for glasses. The same is true for other features of the benefits package. It is great to have options or different levels within a plan depending on what's a priority for that employee. I also agree or see how perks
or other benefits may justify a lower salary such as medical coverage costs may be lower at one organization compared to a competitor. Working from home can also be a perk or benefit that is justification for a lower salary because there are no or little travel expenses, and less wear and tear on your vehicle. It's all about a nice balance, give and take, and what's considered a priority for the employee and employers.
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