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OGL 481
Oct 19, 2023
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OGL 481 Pro-Seminar I: PCA-Human Resource Frame Worksheet Worksheet Objectives: 1. Describe the human resource frame 2. Apply the human resource frame to your personal case situation Complete the following making sure to support your ideas and cite from the textbook and other course materials per APA guidelines. After the peer review, you have a chance to update this and format for your Electronic Portfolio due in Module 6. 1) Briefly restate your situation from Module 1 and your role. I am a store manager that plans to continue to develop and learn from other experiences. I have recently taken a new store to help with development and put me in a position to continue to grow within the company. I have now taken a challenging store in every metric and aspect you can think of. My store now is the second busiest store in the area and not to mention the fastest drive thru experience in the country. I have the challenging job of going into this store and changing things to become more efficient and continue the success they have had before me. The main point to my situation is to navigate through different challenges and realizing opportunities to continue to grow the business. I am also tasked with making sure that everyone in the store feels supported with the changes and adaptations for the continued growth. Learning from each other's mistakes willing to continue to put in the work even though it might be difficult at times adjusting to the changes. 2) Describe how the human resources of the organization influenced the situation. The human resources of the organization had a direct impact on the result of my situation. Within the human resources frame it states from our reading "organizations generally hope for a cadre of talented, highly motivated employees who give their best" (Bolman & Deal, 2021). In my specific situation I am challenged with a team that at times don't put their best foot forward which results in negative culture. With people not willing to do some of the work and at times challenge I find myself trying to figure out how I might change my approach to the situation. The organization put me in a situation in which I know I can manage; however, it is harder and more complex than originally thought. When I look at the structure of my company and those that are making the decision to put place someone at a new store, I find that they chose me based on capability. In the reading there are 1
many different situations that are not one shoe fits all approach. When looking at the situation that I am currently in I find myself looking at the human resources piece to better support the team that I have. There are different gaps that I found within the operation and standards. This takes time and some patience from everyone that work in the organization to come up with better solutions. The other part to this is they all must be willing to adapt and change their own approach to meet expectations. 3) Recommend how you would use the human resources for an alternative course of action regarding your case. I had mentioned this previously, we needed to have a meeting with everyone to level set some of the expectations for this situation. Going into the store with the intent to make it better and not fully understanding what the team environment and culture were like threw off the plan that I had initially. It would have been better to have another person meet me and tell me all the issues that were happening within the store and culture to reassess my plan. Furthermore, I believe if I would have had a chance to set my expectations with the group, the situation would have a much quicker result. My approach to this situation would have been different in making sure that I met with each person and go over what I wanted to change within the operation. Given that the store manager before me was a strong leader, they hesitate to the change in knowing what they were doing before was working. I would have wanted a chance to work with everyone individually to level set the expectations as well as introduce myself and my intentions with the store. From my DM (District Manager) to my PRM (Partner Relations Manager), I would have liked to have known ahead of time the challenge I was facing with the people versus the operation itself. The human capital piece is what needed to be addressed at the beginning to save some time and change the approach with the changes. 4) Reflect on what you would do or not do differently given what you have learned about this frame. There are a couple of different things that I would have done a little differently. I first would have had a meeting with each person on my team to get to know them a little more and understand what they like and what they don't about the operation. I would have been able to help with the guidance and understanding before making any adjustments. The other part is that I would have gotten a better understanding of where the reservations would have lied for future reference. People are the ones that make the change. I am on person that is trying to make things better for the store, however with a team you must all be aligned in the direction we are going in. I would not want to change much about the situation in terms of this frame, I would change the communication and gauge the teams feeling towards the changes. After the readings I find that there is not just one approach to each company and how they handle human resource. There are some companies that have different expectations and understanding from one another. In my past experiences human capital was not treated very well, however the 2
operation worked, and no one really complained about working. If we could meet in the middle of some people being able to express themselves freely and an understanding of what the black and white expectations are, we would have a smoother operation. Again, not one approach is the right way. One approach that works for one company might not work for the other. One thing that is true amongst all organizations is that "people and organizations need each other. Organizations need ideas, every, and talent; people need careers, salaries, and opportunities" (Bolman & Deal, 2021). 3
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