Business plan pt. 2

D1.4Ps Product: The product provided is a squared away security professional. Uniform requirements will be implemented, and always followed, and uniform checks will be done regularly by shift supervisors. Security Officers will be alert and actively patrolling or monitoring the property they are responsible for. Shift supervisors will ensure all posts are manned and all Officers are complying with company guidelines. Customers will want our security officers at their properties for the very reason that they provide a sense of safety, reliability, professionalism, and dependability. Quality and satisfaction will be our number one priority. Price: The price refers to the cost of the product that the customer will pay. The elements that were considers when creating the price of our services were training costs, uniform costs, previous experience, security license level, and existing competitors prices. The price must be affordable but there will be emphasis that the price is higher due to the quality of the security professional and the job they will do for the customer. Our security professionals will go above and beyond other security job duties. There will be availability of company discounts to customers to motivate them to extend service agreements. There will also be available tailored package deals for customers. Place: A place refers to where to sell our products and how we choose to deliver our services to markets. Our goal will be to get our products and services in front of potential customers. We will put our security professionals in front of some of the most populated businesses to increase the visibility to potential customers. Olverity Inc. Security officers will work events and drive vehicles that stand out from the crowed ensuring that business owners and decision makers notice the difference between our security officers and other security officers from competitors, who don't look as squared away. Promotion: The chart below is an explanation of our promotional strategy to launch Olverity Inc's services, create brand awareness and enhance profitability. Target Date Task Responsible party 5/1/2023-5/5/2023 Planning Executive members 5/7/2023-5/9/2023 Create promotional budget and schedule Executive members 5/10/2023-5/20/2023 Set up social media websites, create promotional brochures, billboards, Radio advertisements Marketing group 5/20/23-5/25/23 Contact local businesses offering standing guards for big events and promotions. Sign up to participate in police events and local sponsorships. Marketing and business manager. 5/26/2023 Prepare and presenting of reports Olverity Inc. is expecting to create revenue between $90,000-$100,000 per month. Sales is expecting to increase during holiday seasons and the summer months when people do more shopping and attend concerts and summer events.
D4. Sales Forecast Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Revenue
(Thousand s $) 10,00 0 12,00 0 11,00 0 12,00 0 15,00 0 13,00 0 11,00
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