Week Two Assignment - Board Job Description Nicole Whitehead American Public University ENTR313 - Non-Profit Entrepreneurship Dr. Tony Muscia October 15, 2023
Board Job Description Position Title: Board Director, A Hand Up, Non-Profit General Purpose: As a member of the Board of Directors, you will play a vital leadership and governance role in our organization. The Board is responsible for the overall operation and strategic direction of A Hand Up. Key Responsibilities: Attend and actively participate in monthly Board meetings Approve the organization's annual budget and major initiatives/projects Oversee the ED and provide support, feedback, and annual performance reviews Help recruit and select new Board members as needed Assist with fundraising initiatives and aid organization grow sustainable funding sources Represent A Hand Up in a positive manner to outside partners, funders, and the community we serve Stay up to date on relevant industry trends and advise on strategic planning efforts Oversee fiscal management and help ensure legal/ethical integrity and compliance Serve on committees as needed to help accomplish organizational goals Time Commitment: Board members are asked to serve a two-year term and commit 5-10 hours per month to A Hand Up's duties. This includes monthly meetings, committee work, events, and other responsibilities. Position Title: Chairman of the Board General Purpose: Oversees governance functions and acts as liaison to ED. Provides strategic leadership for growth of programs. Key Responsibilities: Preside over monthly Board meetings ensuring efficiency in discussion/decision making
Partner with the Executive Director to establish annual goals and strategic plans Oversee the annual performance review and salary determination for the ED Ensure all Board members are contributing their required time and talents Foster a cohesive, collaborative culture among directors Facilitate collaboration between committees and the full Board Represent A Hand Up as the primary spokesman at external functions/fundraising events Monitor the nonprofit's financial position and ensure budgets are on track Call special Board meetings if/as needed to address time-sensitive issues Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and governance best practices Time Commitment: 2-year term. The Chairman should devote 10-15 hours per month to the leadership role, beyond regular Board member duties. This includes additional planning, outreach and representing A Hand Up publicly. Position Title: Vice Chairman of the Board Purpose: Assists Chair and fills in as needed. Leads special committees and supports organizational priorities. Key Responsibilities: Assist the Chairman with setting Board meeting agendas and facilitating discussions Facilitate Board meetings in the Chairman's absence Serve as a sounding board and advisor to the Chairman on strategic issues Partner with the Chairman and Executive Director on organization-wide priorities Lead the annual performance evaluation of the Chairman Oversee the Board orientation and onboarding process for new directors Chair committees or take on special projects at the request of the Chairman Assist with external relationship building and represent A Hand Up publicly
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