About Reaction Memos (F2023)

ABOUT REACTION MEMOS (F2023) Nigel Taklalsingh 1
ORGANIZATION THEORY & DESIGN - MANA 341 2 You will be required to submit two (2) reaction memos where you will reflect upon and react to articles related to course concepts. This is independent work on your part. § Objective of the Memo: Describe how the concepts from the organizational theories are evident in the chosen article. Does the textbook support or contradict the article? § Reaction Memos need to be submitted before class . E.g., If you sign up for week 5, you will analyze the article for week 5, and submit the Memo before week 5 § Sign-Up Sheet Posted on Moodle Reaction Memos - 20% Nigel Taklalsingh Choose one (1) course topic from Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6 to write your 1 st Reaction Memo Choose one (1) course topic from weeks 8, 9, 10 and 11 to write your 2 nd Reaction Memo
ORGANIZATION THEORY & DESIGN - MANA 341 Reaction Memos 3 1. Google Sign-Up Sheet on Moodle 2. Submission on Moodle (PDF) format Nigel Taklalsingh
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