Sunday Deliverables 021019

MGT 535 - STRATEGIC AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION SUMMARY OF SUNDAY DELIVERABLES For Each Team: 1. Upload to your GoReact accounts any missing team videos: Friday Employee meetings Friday Shareholder meetings Saturday Wall Street Journal interviews 2. Turn in your Saturday crisis messages by audience (please note these should be end-of day messages to include all of today's events, but feel free to turn in your morning versions as well, if you'd like to share them): Employees Shareholders Public 3. Opening media statement for the Wall Street Journal (What did you prepare to use as your opening statement for your meeting with Paul Wagman?) 4. WSJ preparation: 20 thoughtful Q&A (Turn in the questions and answers you prepared so you could handle the questions from Paul in the interview) 5. Spokesperson strategic plan (Please tell me who you would recommend as the EYN spokesperson and why. This can be from before all of the events surrounding the CEO and his vacation, in case you had to redo that!) For Each Individual: Imagine it's six weeks from today (late March). As the new CEO of EYN Stores International, you will prepare and deliver a 3-minute executive speech to the Annual Shareholders Meeting. Remember this meeting includes all stakeholders - from employees to shareholders to customers, vendors, and the general public. In the speech, you will let people know what has happened in the past six weeks, talk about the actions you have taken, introduce yourself in your new position, and share your vision for the future of the company. After your talk, we will ask a couple of questions, then move to the next "CEO." Please arrive promptly at 9:00 a.m. or Noon, ready to present. You will choose a number at random for your presentation. We will go promptly through everyone in the class with evaluators completing rubrics and each student completing peer rubrics on two other students. We'll end our time together with a debrief on the speeches and the weekend as a whole.
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