3-2 Final Project Milestone One

Felicia Pek Southern New Hampshire University Negotiation in Advocacy 3-2 Final Project: Milestone One October 2023
Negotiation Fact Pattern The negotiation fact, pattern of this current situation at Netflix is: The Who: of course, the company, Netflix, CHRO, Sharon, Slade, Alex Jones, and Jane Smith. What: Sharon is facing the situation that her employee Alice is underperforming and has been placed on a performance improvement plan. Netflix focuses on extraordinary performers and rids the company of any underperformance. Sharon now has to meet with Alice to discuss her performance and future goals with the company. When: Alice began underperforming last year, through the present day, and Sharon has two weeks to hold this meeting. Where: Netflix company Why: Since being promoted, Alice has struggled. She had a pretty successful run prior to promotion, so this is why she has caught Sharon's eye. Since Jane has placed Alice on a performance improvement plan, Sharon has decided to step in. Company values stop Sharon from supporting this improvement plan. How: at the moment, Alice is not completely performing up to par according to Netflix expectations. Netflix's policy is to simply fire this person. And James's placement of Alice on a PIP is against Netflix, core culture and beliefs.
Types of Power Coercive power is based on more of a threat to gain compliance from someone. This means taking away a reward or something like that. Usually, this is used when they are not performing properly. In the case of Sharon, she threatened employees with terminations if they did not meet the compliance which was their quota. (McCord, 2014 ). If they did not improve, their performance was going to improve then they would be faced with the consequences. Which is what Alice is currently faced with. This is more of a formal power. This is usually referred to when someone has a managerial position in an organization, which places them somewhere in the hierarchy. This is more of an assigned and tangible power. For example, Sharon is the CHRO of Netflix, meaning, she has an assigned position, is listed in the hierarchy, and can legitimately delegate tasks Reward power is the power to reward positive behavior and desired outcomes, so almost the opposite of I've power. So, instead of taking away privileges, privileges are granted. Reward power is something that Sharon could easily have as a CHRO, the power to set initiatives and rewards is within her scope. Keeping Alice would be her reward if she was allowed to finish her PIP Referring powers , essentially networking power is the power based on affiliations we make with others. Again, being in Sharon's position helps her not only build respect in the workplace but also put her in a position of power where people can look up to her and trust her for advice.
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