10:06 AR (] Project One Memo ~ People (Abhijeet) Objective and Goal: The main goal of this strategy is to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace by implementing Cross departmental training. Strategic Question: How can we enhance diversity in ABC Corp by implementing cross departmental training. SMART KPI & Measurement Criterion: Conducting 3 Cross departmental training sessions in 3 months which will Increase the diversity in our employees by 50% in one year. We will promote diverse work force, equality and sense of belonging at workplace. Strategy Development and Implementation (analysis) This strategy directly aligns to TBL key strategies to provide an environment of learning and growth for our employees. (TBL strategy statement) An organisation is as good as its culture, and it is very critical to develop positive workplace according to (Work, G.P.T., n.d.)research has proven that diversity at workplace leads to successful organisations in the longer run. Embracing, Diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging has disruptively minimised employee turnover and it's never been so essential to build supportive and inclusive work culture. As according to SWOT major weakness is high turnover of sales team. (ABC Corp, Marketing: Weakness) At Sephora, they follow inclusive hiring practices and advance programs to ensure diversity with a good leadership mix. Their employe resource group and allyship training has cultivated inclusive workplaces where everyone belongs (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion , 2022) Diverse individuals will be able to combine their talents with this training for greater good, which will help our company to reach new heights. Cross-Functional Considerations We can use this strategy to support sales and marketing departments from the threat of decreased diversity in workforce (ABC Corp, Sales: Threats). By this training program we can hear to all our employee working with us and our partners we believe in future where everyone has voice this Cross departmental training program allows people from different cultures, backgrounds to get to know each other and work together with harmony and built a good environment for our company.
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