and books have multiple authors; that is collaboration in action. In the past, we mandated that the Composition Il project be a group endeavor. However, the shutdown and pivot to online classes in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic made group work less viable. Therefore, most of the Composition Il instructors now make group work optional (some may still mandate group work—you must follow the directives of your own instructor). If you have the option and even if you have hated group projects in the past, we urge you to consider collaborating on your project for Composition Il. The process might change your mind about group work for the rest of your time as a student. You have some work to do to decide on your topic and to write your proposal. Remember that you have practiced these methods of persuasion in your Composition | class and you may have even done a presentation in other classes, so none of this is new. You are simply refining your skills in anticipation of moving from first-year writing to more advanced scholarship. We have the utmost faith in you and a clear path for your research will emerge.
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