Same time, I was lucky to come across some impressive media in my personal laptop. The crazy thing happened is that as I traded in my old flirting skimpy pastel sweaters and tossed it out ofI was in elementary school (and even as an undergrad), my major in college was named women's studies, and I read those women's relationship issues, poems about sexual freedom and such she ordered me. Around the. 1. In the context of ethical and professional standards in the investment industry, which of the following principles is related to fairness and the equitable treatment of clients? a) Loyalty to clients. b) Preservation of confidentiality. c) Fair dealing. d) Independence and objectivity. 2. What Web 3 technology is designed to provide a more private and secure browsing experience by routing internet traffic through a global network of volunteer-run servers? a) Tor (The Onion Router) b) Blockchain c) DNS (Domain Name System) d) API (Application Programming Interface) 3. What is the term for the apparent path that the Sun, Moon, and planets follow across the celestial sphere over the course of a year? a) Zodiac b) Ecliptic c) Meridian d) Tropic of Cancer
4. What is the name for a system in a vehicle that converts engine power into electricity for charging the battery and powering electrical components? a) Powertrain b) Alternator c) Carburetor d) Fuel pump 5. What is the process of converting source code written by a programmer into machine code that a computer can execute? a) Interpretation b) Compilation c) Execution d) Debugging 6. What is the main difference between multinational corporations and global corporations? a) Multinationals operate in multiple countries while global corporations have integrated operations worldwide b) There is no main difference c) Global corporations operate in multiple countries while multinationals have integrated operations worldwide d) Multinationals outsource while global corporations control everything 7. What is the process of using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a 3D digital model of an object or system? a) Prototyping b) Simulation c) Rendering d) 3D modeling
8. Which type of innovation involves making incremental improvements to existing products, services, or processes within an industry? a) Disruptive innovation b) Radical innovation c) Sustaining innovation d) Blue ocean innovation 9. What ancient civilization, known for its extensive trade networks and use of hieroglyphics, developed along the banks of the Indus River? a) Sumer b) Indus Valley civilization c) Ancient Egypt d) Minoan civilization
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