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2 Ways in which trustworthy and ethical leaders enhance knowledge sharing As the name suggests, ethical and trustworthy leaders have a set of principles and values that guide their behavior and how they interact with their followers. Ethical leadership focuses on implementing and practicing values such as transparency, fairness, integrity, trust, and respect. Ethical leaders set good examples within the firm and create an environment where all employees are expected to behave in an ethical manner. Ethical and trustworthy leaders also focus on good communication that is open, transparent, and honest. Responsible and ethical leaders play a significant role in determining the behavior of all other organizational stakeholders ( Engelbrecht et al., 2017) . The ability of trustworthy and ethical leaders to display tactical knowledge helps to enhance knowledge sharing since the employees can learn from the leaders. Trustworthy and honest leaders also promote interactions among the employees, thus promoting their ability to share their knowledge skills and information. Another significant trait of trustworthy and ethical leaders that enables them to enhance knowledge sharing within organizations is their ability to coordinate among various organizational stakeholders. Trustworthy and moral leaders are able to successfully ensure that all corporate stakeholders can understand each other and interact, thus enabling them to share knowledge and information ( McCann & Holt, 2009) . Such interactions help employees to understand and appreciate the significance of information technology and how they can apply it to execute different tasks. For instance, the employees can get trained on how to use various technologies to improve the functionality of the firm. Similarly, it helps to implement ideal management of information systems, thus enhancing the ability of the firm to leverage information systems to improve its functionality.
3 Enhancing knowledge sharing also helps the employees to understand the significance of data management and some of the best practices in enhancing the management of data within the firm. Improving knowledge sharing impacts the employees' willingness to manage data properly and to understand how to manage data and implement best practices in data management. On an overall note, trustworthy and ethical leaders can positively influence their followers to share knowledge, which in turn impacts their willingness to embrace information system technologies and implement best practices in data management. Ways in which servant leadership assist in transferring knowledge in an organization Servant leadership is a leadership style in which the leader is a "servant first" and focuses on the needs of other team members. Servant leaders are unique due to their ability to acknowledge the needs of others, their perspectives, and their personal goals. A servant leader is also able to provide the support needed to meet their objectives ( Heyler & Martin, 2018) . Such leadership style helps to build a robust sense of community within the team led by a servant leader. Servant leaders also involve their workers in making decisions, which helps to increase engagement, trust, and interaction among all the team members. Such leadership style also encourages employees to engage with each other to solve challenges that limit their functionality. There are numerous ways in which servant leaders enhance the transfer of knowledge within organizations. First, servant leaders strengthen the willingness of employees to engage and interact with each other ( Gandolfi & Stone, 2018) . Similarly, servant leaders focus on enhancing the capabilities of their followers, and as a result, they tend to share knowledge with the employees to improve their skills and abilities. The robust relationships in teams led by servant leaders also help the team members interact, solve challenges, and share experiences. Such teams are ideal for solving challenges since the team members can collaborate in the
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